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GORDY AND THE Magic Diet: A Review

Gordy And The Magic Diet written by Kim Diersen & April Runge and Illustrated by Carrie Hartman is written for any child in need of a restrictive diet. The main character, Gordon, has a “monster” growing inside him. This monster makes him feel a mix of emotional and physical symptoms, symptoms that any child with […]

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America Review of Feeding Eden

The following review was written in Asthma and Allergy Bulletin of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, New England Chapter, Spring 2013. Share the Trials and Triumphs of a Food Allergy Family Reviewed by Rose Ann Miller I am almost nervous to review Susan Weissman’s Feeding Eden because I worry that I will not be […]

Mothers Day with a Food Allergy Veteran: Meet Colette Martin of Learning To Bake Allergen Free

My kitchen shelves hold almost every allergy friendly cookbook known to man. But Learning to Bake Allergen Free by Colette Martin is one of the most instructive, specific and foolproof for me . Let’s face it: We allergy moms are dealing with a new medium when we try to fiddle our way to batch of […]

I’m Hosting a Food Allergy Event with Brooklyn Allergy Mom!

Bittersweet Books (and maybe some reading for teens)

On occasion I’ve had readers tell me that they have had to put Feeding Eden down to cry. They, more or less, described “…a feeling of all those memories rushing back so vividly.” And I always feel this way in response: I never meant to make anyone cry. I wanted to help other food allergy […]

Food Allergies: Bullying…Teasing…Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

I’ve spent the winter holidays enjoying my family and, in effect, muted by the recent surge of media surrounding the topic of “bullying” in regards, to food allergies. In case you missed this information stream (and if you are reading this post than it’s very unlikely) here is one of so many – a Time […]

Words Matter

I get excited about words. And I love it when other people have that “just right” way of saying things. I think kids can learn to love words when parents play around with new or unusual vocabulary. I do that a lot. I also have a subscription to A.Word.A.Day, described as “a community of more […]

“She Gets It” – A Review of Feeding Eden

When life gets hard I want to be gotten.  I want to be understood and seen with clarity by the people I share my life with. Most of us do. This weekend, in a book review posted by The Food Allergy Mom, this weekend, she paid me a high compliment. She felt that my story, […]

Spoonrests For The Soul

Spoonrests. I have several. If you are the parent of food allergic child, you may have already figured this one out: I don’t want to rest Eden’s cookware near any other utensil that might have an allergen on it. In our situation (multiple anaphylactic food allergies) I don’t cook dairy and soy free because I […]

Power Lunch for Kids: Meet LaLa Lunchbox

Parents know our kids need some control over their food (but not too much.) We also know that it would be super helpful if our kids understood some food basics like … cookies are not a good source of protein and balanced meals can include both vegetables and snacks. Meet LaLa Lunchbox – a clean, focussed and effective […]