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Feeding Eden … The Book

The Trials and Triumphs of a Food Allergy Family

Imagine rushing your child to the hospital, terrified for his life . . . just because he took a mouthful of the wrong food. Susan Weissman knows how that feels. Like twelve million other Americans, her son Eden suffered from allergies so intense that an errant bite could be deadly: Susan had to make food the focus of her existence just to lead him safely through a world filled with edible landmines.

In Feeding Eden, Susan writes with honesty and humor about becoming her son’s health care advocate in a world of specialists, her investigation of cognitive and alternative therapies, and her attempts to find safe yet satisfying food for her family. More than just a story for parents with severely allergic children, this is a stirring account of one woman's recipe for motherhood and love as she rises to a challenge she has no choice but to conquer -- and successfully restores her entire family's appetite for life.

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Susan Weissman tells a gripping story of her son Eden’s struggles with food allergies. Feeding Eden is not only a beautifully written personal tale, but also a sharp-eyed and harrowing exploration of all the misunderstandings that face those to whom food itself — the very stuff of life — is toxic.

— Amanda Hesser, co-founder of

Susan Weissman gives a powerful, candid account of her family’s struggle to adapt—and thrive—in the face of her young son’s life-threatening food allergies. But her insights aren’t limited those coping with allergies; Feeding Eden will resonate deeply with people facing many different kinds of challenges.

— Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project

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