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GORDY AND THE Magic Diet: A Review

Gordy And The Magic Diet written by Kim Diersen & April Runge and Illustrated by Carrie Hartman is written for any child in need of a restrictive diet. The main character, Gordon, has a "monster" growing inside him. This monster makes him feel a mix of emotional and physical symptoms, symptoms that any child with a medical issue will likely experience: "icky, confused, tired, stoning, witch, sad, angry" and just plain old "sick." This monster also shows up at the worst times (picnics, parties, school events) and makes Gordy miss fun things like 4th of July Fireworks and "his turn at the Piñata."

After a wonderfully realistic description of Gordy's visit for medical testing and diagnosis, Gordy makes his monster go away by sticking with a "magic diet." It isn't easy. In fact Gordy cheats with Grandma, who bakes him( in age-appropriate hyperbole) The Worlds Best Double-Fudge Chocolate Cake with sprinkles on top" and Gordy, feeling the consequences, deeply regrets it. Thus comes my favorite part, when Gordy "fights" his monster, pirate style, waving his "sword of strength." I love the message for my own food allergic son that his restrictive diet can be a power source, not a burden and certainly not a weakness. Children with chronic medical issues are so brave and smart. So is this book.

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About Kim Diersen: Kim Dierson knows first-hand the power of food.  Starting at a very early age, Joshua battled sensory integration difficulties, trouble regulating emotions, and significant developmental delays.  A gluten-free and artificial-free diet opened a whole new world for Joshua.  He has been on his “Magic Diet” for 6 years to help control the behaviors of Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, and mood disregulation

About April Runge: April Runge's daughter Nevin (age 9 ½) suffered from intractable epilepsy. The doctors tried to tame the hundreds of daily seizures through various cocktails of anti-epilepsy medications that left her a zombie and shell of a child. After using the Ketogenic Diet for five years, Nevin is seizure-free, medication free, no longer on the Ketogenic Diet and has been released from her epileptologist’s care. Recognizing the power of food, the entire family continues to eat for good health.

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