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Power Lunch for Kids: Meet LaLa Lunchbox

Parents know our kids need some control over their food (but not too much.) We also know that it would be super helpful if our kids understood some food basics like ... cookies are not a good source of protein and balanced meals can include both vegetables and snacks.

Meet LaLa Lunchbox - a clean, focussed and effective app that empowers kids by allowing them choose and plan their meals in advance, and motivates with playful icons.

How does it work?

"Your kids get to personalize and design their lunchboxes with fun monsters and colors, and then plan their lunches for a whole week at a time. They simply swipe their choices into their lunchbox from a large selection of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and snacks. Along the way, they learn that a balanced lunch includes items from each category. Parents can easily personalize and edit the items available to their kids."

My favorite twist - and yes of course it's a food allergy twist - is that the founder, Gillian has a lifelong history of multiple anaphylactic allergies. Her brainchild app, in part, stemmed from her relationship with food. She explained, "As an allergic person, I think it could really benefit allergic kids who I'm assuming are like me and want to gain and keep control over any aspect of food that they can reasonably attain. I also think that from a parent's perspective, customizing the available list is comforting - and you can take pictures of specific brands and add them in once you know are safe."

I have LaLa Lunchbox and recommend that you check it out along with Gillians's blog. A great way to begin the new school year...


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