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Back To School with Feeding Eden

This is a BIG Back To School year for our family: My children are starting a new school this fall. For Eden, in addition to making friends, meeting teachers, and navigating unfamiliar schedules and locales — he will have to learn how to manage new food allergy safety routines within the routine of his school […]

Back To School Webinar for Food Allergy Families

Kids With Food Allergies Foundation – one of the best of the best online food allergy communities – is holding free Webinars for parents on: “What Parents Of Kids With Food Allergies Need To Know About Food Allergy Management in School” Now is great time to check in there and sign up: The first Webinar […]


ALLERMATES are a new source of allergy resources and products for parents and their children. The company has a fabulous website, offering educational content about food allergies along with a line of cute customized allergy alert products including comfortable wristbands and necklaces with dog tags, lunch boxes and t-shirts. ALLERMATES “funs up” the necessity of food allergy […]

What’s in a Name?

Many readers have asked me how Eden feels about having, not just a book written about his food allergies, but also a book title with his name. I can sum my answer up into a single sentence but I prefer this story: Years ago, there was a fruit vendor on the corner of Lexington Avenue […]

Young (even very young) Writing Communities

When I was a teenager I wrote some poetry and a profusion of expansive and often illustrated notes to my friends. Outside of school assignment, other kinds of writing seemed a bother and a risky use of time. Who in the world would actually read them? So what a thing that my own children are […]

Review: The NEW Nut Free Mom: A Crash Course in Caring for your Allergic Child

All my readers should be aware of a new resource: The NEW Nut Free Mom: A Crash Course in Caring for your Allergic Child I’m citing the product description below, but I must add that Jenny Kales, the author, is about as savvy about the challenges of  nut allergies as anyone I can think of. […]

Pub Day! (But what does it mean?)

From what I can tell first time authors learn this term “Pub Day” way before they need to. If you’ve never published a book and had not aspired to, than Pub Day is a rather abstract concept.  Your agent tells you a date that barely registers because you are so worked up about all that […]

Brain Juice

February and March are low energy months for me. I’m not a winter person and even though we’ve had a mild one in NYC this year, I still find myself looking for recharges. When my body feels dull I try to move it (just a bit.) And when my brain feels dull I do the […]

What if parents stopped calling themselves names and just DID it?

Help! I Don’t Know What Kind of Parent I Am In the years since my son Eden was born and diagnosed with life threatening food allergies there has been a counter trend towards laid back parenting, often called “slow” or “free range” parenting. Lenore Skenazy championed this movement a few years ago when she wrote Why I […]

Finding the Right Doctor for Your Allergic Child

Just last week I got a call from a friend of a friend whose child was just diagnosed with food allergies. Phone calls like that remind me of how helpless I felt when Eden was diagnosed. One of our biggest issues was finding Pediatric Allergists to help us manage Eden’s allergic condition, for the long […]