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Review: The NEW Nut Free Mom: A Crash Course in Caring for your Allergic Child

All my readers should be aware of a new resource: The NEW Nut Free Mom: A Crash Course in Caring for your Allergic Child

I'm citing the product description below, but I must add that Jenny Kales, the author, is about as savvy about the challenges of  nut allergies as anyone I can think of. Sometimes people write handbooks because they can. Better to read advice from an author who should write the book and really and truly lives it day to day. That is this book. It's succinct, direct and never preachy. Allergy parents will get exactly what they need so they can move on, be safe and enjoy life. That's our goal after all.

(Parents - This is an e-book so download it today and you will have it in time for the spring holidays!)

Product Description

Trying to cope with raising a nut-allergic child? Here comes the Nut-Free Mom to the rescue. This is the one book that gives a "crash course" on what you need to know – from a mom who’s “been there”.The book offers heart, humor and hard-won experience to help caregivers cope with nut-free living. Learn how to handle play dates, grocery shopping, meal-planning, dining out, family gatherings, and many more practical, real-life situations. Written in a lively format, the book includes scores of tips that’ll boost your—and your child’s—confidence.As a professional writer for nearly twenty years and as a parent currently raising a child with life-threatening nut allergies, Kales is uniquely qualified to author The NEW Nut-Free Mom. Kales has advised thousands of parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers from all over the world via her award-winning blog “The Nut-Free Mom”.This is the book that Kales “wishes she had” when her daughter was first diagnosed with a life-threatening nut-allergy. For anyone wishing to raise a healthy, well-adjusted child with nut or other food allergies, this book will be an indispensible guide.

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