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“My Story” on PeanutAllergy.Com

I was happy to be approached by PeanutAllergy.Com for the opportunity to tell “My Story” about writing Feeding Eden. It represents a solid and inclusive community of allergy parents and individuals  Please share with anyone interested in sharing their own story of parenting and challenges…. Raising a Son with Multiple Severe Allergies: Author of a […]

and On and On

I’ve used this site as a wide wide playing field to write about food allergies, parenting and food allergy related food. Today is different. Three things happened today: One – Lately my posts have been increasingly sparse. Not because I feel “been there done that” and so over food allergies. Rather, after nine years of living […]

“She Gets It” – A Review of Feeding Eden

When life gets hard I want to be gotten.  I want to be understood and seen with clarity by the people I share my life with. Most of us do. This weekend, in a book review posted by The Food Allergy Mom, this weekend, she paid me a high compliment. She felt that my story, […]

Young (even very young) Writing Communities

When I was a teenager I wrote some poetry and a profusion of expansive and often illustrated notes to my friends. Outside of school assignment, other kinds of writing seemed a bother and a risky use of time. Who in the world would actually read them? So what a thing that my own children are […]

Pub Day! (But what does it mean?)

From what I can tell first time authors learn this term “Pub Day” way before they need to. If you’ve never published a book and had not aspired to, than Pub Day is a rather abstract concept.  Your agent tells you a date that barely registers because you are so worked up about all that […]

Brain Juice

February and March are low energy months for me. I’m not a winter person and even though we’ve had a mild one in NYC this year, I still find myself looking for recharges. When my body feels dull I try to move it (just a bit.) And when my brain feels dull I do the […]