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FABCon Part II: We Want You!

One reason I love teaching the middle school age range is that early teens are generally too young to feel apathetic about their learning, yet they are old enough to have very interesting things to say. I’ve always held to a teaching creed that goes something like this: “I may be the person standing in […]

Words Matter

I get excited about words. And I love it when other people have that “just right” way of saying things. I think kids can learn to love words when parents play around with new or unusual vocabulary. I do that a lot. I also have a subscription to A.Word.A.Day, described as “a community of more […]

Young (even very young) Writing Communities

When I was a teenager I wrote some poetry and a profusion of expansive and often illustrated notes to my friends. Outside of school assignment, other kinds of writing seemed a bother and a risky use of time. Who in the world would actually read them? So what a thing that my own children are […]