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Gluten Free Fast Pho

This recipe is called Gluten Free Fast Pho and it is sourced from "Simply ...gluten-free!" Why is it a Fantasy Food? First, I have post-holiday food fatigue and crave warm but fresh, light tastes. I love the idea that this could be made safe for my whole family and give us a meal in-one-dish. The only tricky parts will be that I've concluded some asian noodles, gluten-free or not, might be contaminated on factory lines. Eden had a bad reaction to Soba noodles that I once made, that were made in China. Whereas he never reacted to Soba noodles made in the U.S.

Divvies Potato Latkes

Roasting Chestnuts

I just posted this photo of roasted chestnuts in Fantasy Foods. As I wrote "Every December my family walks 5th Avenue to see the holiday windows in the stores. And every year I buy my daughter the roasted chestnuts and I buy Eden a giant pretzel. He has eaten a lot of pretzels." Street food has become a new phenomenon in NYC and not one that everyone can share in. Sometimes trucks are individually owned and so it's easy to ask about ingredients. In other cases, these foods just present one more reminder the forethought that goes into a restricted diet.




Last night’s dessert co-baked by kids using brownie mix ( which is Peanut, Nut, Dairy, and Egg free. kids added mini marshmallows and graham crackers.


This was part of a dinner. Eden can eat bacon from home but in a restaurant he can only eat bacon if it’s baked on a clean tray, not fried in a pan or on a griddle. The risk of other-food-contamination is too high if it isn’t prepared the right way.


Street fairs can be fodder for disappointment if you have food allergies. But this pretzel stand was a mini-Mecca amidst the usual funnel cakes. Just wheat and water.


Cheese is Dairy and the pepperoni has Soy listed in the flavorings. this was a slice I reheated for my daughter while I served my son a slice without cheese, just sauce and crust.

Honey Cake


This pie was about to go into the oven for celebrating the Jewish New Year. Honey cake can be dull without nuts. And Eden can only tolerate about one egg per cake so I decided to bake an apple pear pie drizzled with local honey.