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Chocolate Wedding Cake

My fantasy food is my delicious chocolate wedding cake. I am anaphylactic to milk/dairy, so this cake was made special for me and was also vegan. The caketasted great even one year later-when we pulled the cake from the freezer to celebrate our anniversary. Allergy-free cakes are delicious, and none of the guests knew it was made without dairy, nuts, or eggs!


This is my fantasy food....wish I could eat these crepes every morning for breakfast. We adjusted the recipe to meet our allergen needs.

Steamed Mussels with Tomato Garlic Broth

I finally posted my Fantasy Food to make the March 10 deadline! Here it is...found it at:

Healthy Turkey Chili

In honor of National Chili Day (yesterday) Brooklyn Allergy Mom submitted her Healthy Turkey Chili Recipe on my Fantasy Foods Facebook Page. As I wrote there. I love a chili that's more like chunky soup than stew. And I like how the tomato base provides a nice red color.  The recipe is on her site as well.

Butter and Some Bread

This is a photo of homemade butter with fleur de sel from

The photo is a perfect example of how I like to eat my butter...meaning the bread looks great but only because the butter is piled on. I can't remember the last time I ate truly fresh homemade butter. The idea of Eden one day eating butter or seeing how much it can change the taste of food is a definite fantasy for me.

Eggs in Tomato Sauce

This recipe is from smitten kitchen ("inspired by the Martha Show") I know some people, like my husband, get grossed out by under-cooked eggs. I used to feel that way but now I love them. The other reason I chose this dish as a Fantasy Food is that my son has been outgrowing his egg allergy steadily. He has progressed from tolerating baked and egg cooked under high temperature to almost medium cooked eggs. Means a lot when you are dealing with multiple food allergies.

Whole Foods Gelato


This fabulous looking gelato was emailed to me by a reader who wrote: "I was SO psyched to see Whole Foods was still carrying their delicious and inexpensive gelato year-round. I was even more thrilled to find healthy flavors like Vegan Chocolate, so I could feel a little better about the indulgence!"  After some minimal online research it seems that Whole Foods make their own line of sorbet and gelato "in house" so anyone with severe allergies should check with servers about cross-contamination. Otherwise...YUM!

Mostly Homemade Blueberry Chocolate Chip Muffins

Often I bake the way I write: I consider all the "stuff" around me and the mix in as much as will create something interesting. I can make these muffins from scratch but happened to have an extra box of Cherrybrook Kitchen Yellow Cake Mix in the pantry (meant to buy chocolate.) So I started with that and then added an Arrowhead Mills oatmeal packet (for fiber and whole grains) and few tablespoons of hempseed that my husband eats when he's trying to be virtuous (protein, minerals and healthy fat.) I adjusted the the liquid quantities and mixed up some vanilla coconut milk, rice milk and an egg, instead of the water called for on the cake mix box (calcium protein.) And then I added a bit more olive oil than the cake recipe called for as well. Final additions were Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Mini Chips and Cascadian Farm thawed frozen blueberries.

The whole she-bang made 18 muffins - enough for breakfast, after-school snacks and desserts all week long.



Black Bean Chipolte Burger


For my Fantasy Friday, this is a Black Bean Chipolte Burger courtesy of goop. You can find the recipe here:  It's dairy, soy, and nut free. I love the addition of avocado on top and pumpkin seeds in the burger. Pumpkin seeds are a less common allergen than sesame seeds and safe in my family. And I do love goop...

Carrot Soup with Miso and Sesame from smitten kitchen

I grew up eating carrot sticks but raw carrots can make Eden's throat itch (oral allergy.) This carrot soup is dairy, gluten and fat free (though miso-based so it is not soy free.) From - I could work around the miso with chicken stock. Looks so warming for a January night.