author of Feeding Eden

Feeding Eden on Kindle at Last

I have a Kindle love story to share. It starts when I was a grade school kid and discovered that, for me, reading was better than anything else. My friend's parents used to tattle on me to my parents about my "dangerous" habit of walking down the New York City streets with a book open in my hands. (Yes comparative ironies abound in our great age of teenage texting.) The only thing better than a new library book was a Twix bar and new library book. And though I was able to restrain from unwrapping my snack on the way home, I just had to crack open the book.

The Kindle First Generation was released in November 2007. By spring 2008 I had to have one and once I did, it was even better than I'd imagined. Despite the fact that I was a full time mother of two and on the verge of signing with an agent for my memoir which I'd spent the previous four years writing, I still had a desperate want to read and somehow I did. But the fact that I didn't have to go to a bookstore or library or wait for the online delivery of a book; the fact that I could sample new titles at my leisure without bribing one of my child with a bag of pretzels just so I could stand in an aisle and glance at a few pages before deciding to pay what always felt like way too much money (and yes even as an author I stand by that last  sentiment) was my "Kindle sell."

So, four years and one more Kindle purchase later, when I published Feeding Eden, I was very unhappy when I was told a month before my "launch" that my publisher would not sign a contract with Amazon for Kindle pricing and therefore none of their authors would have rights to Kindle versions of their books. I did the sensible thing: I published my hardcover and waited. The short version of my waiting period is that it did not reveal many reasons for loyalty to my original relationship and so ... I asked for the rights to Feeding Eden to be reverted back to me.

So I'm tremendously excited to be sharing this link to Feeding Eden, on Kindle. And I think it would pair well with a Twix.