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The FARE New York City Annual Spring Luncheon

I wrote this piece for the fantastic site, last week, after the FARE Spring Luncheon: FARE Spring Fundraiser: Reflections from a Table Near the Front APRIL 20, 2013 1 COMMENT By Susan Weissman As a long-time but no-less-weary food allergy mom, author and advocate I’ve attended the FARE Annual Spring NYC Luncheon for several […]

Oral Immunotherapy On Asthma Allergies Children: “Not Ready for Prime Time”

This is an important day in the World Of Food Allergies: Dr. Hugh Sampson, a foremost authority on food allergies, has written a  seminal article of Oral Immunotherapy treatment on Asthma Allergies Children. I encourage all parents of allergic children to read it HERE. Whether or not you are considering this treatment, this is the […]