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bacon and corn griddle cakes

I found these pancakes on (just click on that link) and…wow. While they have a standard pancake base which includes egg and milk the photo alone has empowered me to believe that I can begin with our milk free base and go from there. From there recipe girl adds cayenne, corn, cheese, scallion and of course bacon. […]

NYC Rainbow Italian Ice

At some point during our unusually warm spring here in NYC an Italian Ice Vendor showed up in front of my children’s school. The maelstrom that followed was incredible but more incredible was the fact that my son Eden could take part in the clamor. Italian Ices are generally safe for him, since they are […]

Fantasy Foods Contest

Fantasy Foods Contest Ends March 10th Send a photo of your favorite Fantasy Food using this form or post it on my Fantasy Foods Facebook page. On March 10th, I’ll choose my two favorite foods. If you win first prize, receive a free copy of FEEDING EDEN, scrumptious cupcakes “made to share” (free of nuts, […]

Healthy Turkey Chili

In honor of National Chili Day (yesterday) Brooklyn Allergy Mom submitted her Healthy Turkey Chili Recipe on my Fantasy Foods Facebook Page. As I wrote there. I love a chili that’s more like chunky soup than stew. And I like how the tomato base provides a nice red color.  The recipe is on her site […]

Don’t Stew Over Dinner

A few days ago I wrote a piece on Psychology Today about recent trends towards eating “clean” and nutritious and organic food — A wonderful sentiment! But sometimes parents can get overwhelmed and overburdened by that goal. Today I received my goop newsletter filled with “Healthy Recipes” which seem remarkably simple and doable. I have […]