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A Short Summary of Serendipity

Parents never know when a little serendipity will enrich their families. As my husband points out in my favorite of his blog posts Small Things (his blog tagline is: Maximizing the serendipity around you) it’s so important to be open to the small experiences of life. And I would add that in doing so, parents often find we reach […]

Superior Screen Time

I know, I know. We parents don’t want our kids to sit through the entire holidays with their face in front of the computer. But as long you know they are going to putting in some screen time, I think it may as well be well-spent screen time. These are two free computer programs I’m […]


The front of my apartment building has just emerged from months of scaffolding. My site here has been under a similar cloak of construction and it feels great to be writing in my own home again. Much has happened since my blog post: Feeding Eden: The Trials and Triumphs of a Food Allergy Family became […]