author of Feeding Eden

So What’s Happening Here?

An intermission I think. If you’ve just taken the time to poke around because you’re interested in food allergies, and possibly my book Feeding Eden, then that’s awesome. And so …

In 2009 this site began as Peanuts in Eden - the working title of my manuscript about living with food allergies. My son Eden was seven years old. There were fewer voices in the online allergy community and I loved being one of them. When I signed a publishing contract to write Feeding Eden I re-routed and redesigned into

In 2012, my memoir Feeding Eden launched. Stuff got complicated, as it usually does. I was blogging here, on The Huffington Post, on Psychology Today and as a guest author on other websites. I was tying to enjoy my time spent chatting on Twitter and Facebook but often I found it kind of more fun to spend time with my kids.

The first year of promoting Feeding Eden passed quickly. I blessed (corny but true) with invitations from the ever-supportive food allergy community to read, show up, and speak about my book and my experiences. Then Eden turned 11. My daughter became a full throttle teenager. I’ve told my story of being the mother of two children, both of them making me see the world differently, and one who has the kind of allergies that turned my world inside out and upside down. They have let it be known that they don't want to be a part of my public stories right now. Fair enough.

So there is still a story going on but I stopped telling it here. Of course I could do other things for the food allergy community. And I do. Again - just not here.

Nonetheless, when I have a story that I can tell, I’m planning to come out of the wings. Stick around.