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FABCon Part III: Muscle Mass

Food allergy parents share fantasies about their children. We dream - in various formats - of negative test results, positive food challenges, safety and freedom. My latest vision? My son Eden has grown into his last year of high school. After a through round of shooting basketball in a friend's backyard, a group of them walk to the local pizza parlor and share a pie. Eden has his auto injector in his backpack as always, but he doesn't hesitate before his first bite.

The latest statistics on outgrowth indicate that, for many of us, we won't reach our dreams that way. Treatment. Affordable and Practical Treatment. That is our Holy Grail. And of course, the other goal is to keep our children safe and emotionally and physical healthy until we get there. Food allergy Blogger Conference is a gathering born of Jenny Sprague's dream that our food allergy and the food restricted community at large will growing stronger both collectively and individually by coming together and sharing information regarding every aspect of our quest. It's that simple.

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