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Forgetting, Remembering and Egg Free Challah

Wow. Didn't realize the Jewish New Year is in seven days until ... now - seven days before. Didn't realize I hadn't posted for almost a month until ... I went to write about a recipe for the Jewish New Year. This is how is seems to go for me: I write all the time because that's just what I do. Sometimes I write where no one can read. Sometimes I write notes or emails to my children and husband. And more often than is excusable, I write drafts of posts for this site and just forget to publish them. Of course I frequently forget a lot of other things too like where I put my mugs in the morning or defrosting ground meat in time to cook it. Currently I have a back dated interview on that I've failed to post (but will!) plus a book review and a short essay style thing about one of Eden's recent reactions. Ready to go all month while I ran around with my family.

So in the spirit of this post I'm going to ask, "Oy, what's a busy mom to do?"

Get organized I suppose. And in the meanwhile share the eggless challah recipe that I swiped off Veg Kitchen and created by Rachel Ornstein Packer. Looks easy and fast enough that I may even get it done in time for holiday dinner.

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