author of Feeding Eden

Looking Back and Around

It's nearly a year to date, since my book launch of Feeding Eden. Sometimes people ask me what I've been doing since. Of course I've been selling my book, which, while occupying, is also incredibly tedious to verbally unpack without boring my listener. So I don't say much more than "Marketing it!" And of course I've also been writing while alternately beating myself up for not writing more. Fun. But when I look back at this past year mostly I see my family and their doings. My children growing, changing, griping, triumphing, my husband and I  questioning, assessing, planning, praising.

This was an important week for food allergy treatment. The New York Times Magazine put food allergic children on the front cover, in essence letting us know that our challenges and treatments are deserving of attention. We knew that already. So if anything, publishing Feeding Eden, quieted my monkey mind from its incessant need to tell that story again and again, since it will be read and passed on.  And now I can be that much more attentive to the family who lives it.

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