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Asthma: Wonky Weather & Wise Words

Wonky weather here in NYC recently. Last week, the temperature rose by nearly 20 degrees, dropped, then the skies "precipitated," and finally cleared. As my husband predicted, "We are all about to get very very sick." And "we" did. So for my son that meant an asthmatic flair.

Wherever you live, the winter brings its own health challenges. This is especially the case for allergic and asthmatic people whose bodies can react allergically viral exposure. So please note that my friend (and extraordinary editor ) Henry Ehrlich correctly timed the publication of a fantastic article, written by  Dr. Larry Chiaramonte, about asthma medication: Don't Take That Asthma Medication - It's Bad for Your Asthma. As usual, their site, Asthma Allergies Children has taken the complex topic of Asthma, thoroughly discussed the contradictions and nuances  and then concluded with practical measures where other media leaves readers in confusion, or worse, undue concern.


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