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Young Food Allergy Entrepreneur Makes It EZ

I've always loved the strength of the digital food allergy community. Largely, "we" are a supportive group of self-made advocates. But what about our kids?

Well, it was pretty cool when Emily Zauzmer (a 16-year-old with lifelong anaphylactic food allergies to tree nuts, peanuts and other legumes, sesame seeds, and some fruits) got in touch about her latest innovation: Emily created and designed two sites: EZgreetings and EZeatings. EZgreetings sells $5 email singing grams for 100 occasions — from birthdays to holidays and more. Emily sings and records each singing gram, and all profits, to date more than $5,000, go to food allergy research at Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

But EZeatings reflects our communities need for solutions to living while research progresses. EZeatings provides links to the nutritional information (provided by chains) for over 50 major food chains nationwide. I cruised around this site and Emily's information is updated and thorough. Makes perfect sense: These are restaurants that food allergic teens and college students will frequent.

What a pleasure it was to bookmark a website created by a young adult who "wishes not to be a victim of her condition but rather a link to the solution." In a recent Huffington Post piece (HERE) I concluded, "As my son grows towards becoming a teen I want him to think different -- to choose exactly what to make of his life, not just his food allergies." With EZeatings, Emily is leading the way.



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