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Sandwich Night

Often, during the "Q and A" portion of book reading, I'm asked this question: "How do you eat as a family with your son's allergies?" And my answer (which I describe in the final chapter of Feeding Eden) is that most of the time we don't have the same food on our plates. Usually, our plates have a common idea, like pasta, or burgers or sandwiches or chicken. From there, safety modifications and preferences are superimposed. Our recent "Sandwich Night" serves a great example. Below are my children's plates (ours have been edited out for brevity.)

This is my son's sandwich. It's a repeat performer. An Italian roll drizzled with olive oil, then layered with chopped tomato and yellow pepper and topped off with arugola. The side was rare find. He is not fond of any sandwich meats but when we were in the store we saw some saw and affordable Bresiola (which is Italian cured beef) and he wanted to try it. He made the whole thing  entirely himself.

This is my daughter's sandwich. She wasn't all that hungry so chose an open face whole wheat slice with honey mustard, American cheese, salami, olives and baby gherkin pickle.

As a food allergy parent my mindset is to think outside the meals of our own childhood and be open to new but safe creations.

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