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Coming Clean: Why Antibiotics Need More Play in the Food Allergy Game

Why has there been an increase in food allergies? First, researchers believe there is genetic component. Now piggyback that premise with several "multi factorial" triggers. The real dispute? Which trigger is the Biggest and Baddest food allergy catalyst? A situation I described on The Huffington Post.

Beliefs vary: Robyn O'Brien, political advocate, examines our food sources. A recent study funded by the Food Allergy Initiative uncovers geographical patterns for food allergic populations. And of course there is the much acclaimed Hygiene Theory which points to a recent lack of generally harmful agents in our society; agents such as bacterias, viruses and parasites, which may strengthen the immune system.

In my book, Feeding Eden, I ask a question:

When Eden was born he was given antibiotics to clear excess fluid from his lungs. The NICU (neo natal intensive care unit) advised us. They said so. Was that it? Did those antibiotics tip Eden's first domino? 

Due to recent research my answer may not be long in coming. There may be reason to question the uber-sterile (and of course life-saving) environment of the NICU which relies on the kind of antimicrobial safety discussed HERE. And after reading THIS ARTICLE in The New York Times, I concluded that, yes, exposure to healthy bacteria as early as during the birth process, may have later health implications in terms of food allergies.

I have a feeling breakthroughs in this area of food allergy research are soon to come.


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