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Feeding Eden: A Reader Comments

I wrote Feeding Eden for two reasons:

1. So people and especially parents who live with food allergies could read their story (at least in part.)

2. So people who don't live with food allergies could read our story.

Following is an exerpt from a note I received from a reader named Jennifer L:

I just finished reading Feeding Eden.  Like Eden, my son Isaac has multiple
food allergies, asthma, and eczema.  I found myself crying several times
while reading your book.  THANK YOU for taking the time to write and publish
such a wonderful resource.  My son was diagnosed at 10 months old and is now
7 and a half years old.  Your story was so very similar to ours in so many
ways, I could see myself and my Isaac in the stories in your book... I have never written anything to an author before because I have never truly been so touched by a book.

Just so it's "out there" I'm grateful to have received quite a few notes like these and I cry pretty much every time I do.

Thank you all for reading...

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