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Vacationing with Food Restrictions

Vacationing with any kind of food restriction is always tricky. And by tricky I mean, at times, scary. Before my family leaves on our annual spring vacation, I'm leaving my wisdom gained after 8 years of managing Eden's allergies:

How to Take a Spring Break Vacation or "Staycation" with Food Allergies

When my son Eden was first diagnosed with multiple and life threatening food allergies I was overwhelmed and assumed I wouldn't be leaving my Tri-State New York habitat for years to come. How to fly with a peanut allergy? How to eat in restaurants with if Eden can't eat butter or eggs? But I soon realized that embracing family travel and new experiences is in fact an essential when managing a chronic health condition. All families benefit from breaks in their routines. Families like mine, with special dietary needs, get especially tired of being tied to their kitchens. While the following tips are by no means exhaustive, start with these basic measures wherever you plan your spring break.

When travelling by plane:

Call Ahead: Before booking your flight, read the airline's allergy policy. Many airlines post their policy on their website. Then communicate these issues:

I.D. Your Food Allergy - When booking your flight, notify the reservation agent about the food allergy(s) and ask if your information can be forwarded to other personnel such as the gate agent, catering/food service, and flight crew. You can reconfirm with the ticket agent, and again with the flight attendants when you arrive.

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