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I'm so grateful for all the support my book Feeding Eden received last week. Yet I'm going to show some author-ly restraint and show just two samples:

Feeding Eden is written in an easy-to-read style, and you really feel you get to know Susan and her family.  I think that it would be helpful to read this book if you are just starting down the food-allergy road.  It can feel really lonely when you are confronting multiple health challenges and the unique social stresses that food allergies introduce into a family.  This book might just make you feel a little less alone in your journey.  That's a good thing." Read full review at The Welcoming Kitchen...

"Feeding Eden's harrowing portrayal of the agony and terror of food allergies and other lethal autoimmune conditions is made fuller by the author's equally compelling telling of the central parental conflict that binds her to her poor son's suffering. Susan Weissman's role as a parent is complicated to a degree few of us could imagine by the food triggers of Eden's illnesses - intensifying the usual parental food and nutritional concerns to a constant, unyielding life-or-death struggle of hygiene, awareness, logistics, circumstances and madding mystery. Eden's condition results in a physical and mental journey that few would navigate and endure with the tireless dedication and resolve Weissman demonstrates in her richly detailed and deeply researched book. Weissman writes with an endearing and candid narrative voice that makes this timely and timeless story an excellent read as well as a thought-provoking meditation on food, health, Western and Eastern medicine, marriage, parenting and, ultimately, the power of love to triumph over fear and despair. -- Jon Reiner, James Beard Foundation Award-winning author of The Man Who Couldn't Eat"




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