author of Feeding Eden

Feeding Eden – the book!

I've neglected to post of late and while this hasn't been an allergy-centric summer to date, I've updated my blogger profile to include the title and publishing date for my food allergy memoir:

Rat-a-tat-tat...Feeding Eden will be published in March 2012 by Sterling Publishing.

About five years ago I decided that I had an interesting story to tell. Many people believe that once a child is diagnosed with food allergies (which, for my family, was a prolonged process) that the rules are clear: Avoid the allergens! But I've found so many other parents who find that family life, and even simple choices like family dinners, become complex and rife with emotion. And yet, in the almost eight years of feeding my son Eden I've learned that food allergies have given my family a surprising and joyful kind of solidarity.

So I'm looking forward from this summer of personal distractions (see above re: ...hasn't been been an allergy-centric summer) to having a food allergy dialogue with families who continue to grow with this medical condition.