author of Feeding Eden

“For the times they are a-changin”

Wow. Sometimes I think I'll never stop amazing over the recent increase in food allergy products, resources and overall allergy awareness. Eden was diagnosed with multiple food allergies in January of 2004. Since that time, labeling laws have taken effect (despite some minor shortcomings) baked goods have become readily accessible, and the general public has become much more savvy about the food allergic condition.
But what truly blew me away last week was the discovery of a new online resource for travels to Disney World called

"Allergy Free Mouse: Your Allergy Free Guide to Disney World" :
Everything, and I mean everything, that I did in preparation for our first Disney Trip (FYI our first out-of-state vacation) is, more or less, laid out on that wonderful site. You can learn where you can find safe foods within the parks, how to navigate the restaurants, tips for avoiding exposure and all the rest.
I know, I know. We want a cure, a treatment, and an end to our constant vigilance and fears. But in the meanwhile - in the words of the great Bob Dylan - maybe we should sing another line from his song: "As the present now / will later be past...For the times they are a-changin."