author of Feeding Eden

You Are Now Entering The Multiple Zone

You are now travelling through into another dimension, a dimension not only of peanuts and tree nuts but of milk, soy, eggs, legumes, seeds and fish. A journey into a land whose boundaries are clearly defined by allergic anaphylaxis. Next stop, The Multiple Food Allergy Zone!

Obviously the original creator of the The Twilight Zone, Rod Sterling, didn't write a sci-fi show about food allergies, but sometimes I feel like food allergies are just as freaky as some of those Twilight Zone shows.
Multiple Food Allergies can bring on a host of misunderstanding and cynicism. I've had parents say to me, "Oh don't worry! I know how to handle Eden's allergies when he visits! My niece is allergic to nuts!"
Or. "He's allergic to that many foods?"
The Multiple Zone can be a lonely place. And for individuals within this zone there are so many combinations of food allergies and restrictions. Most of us Multiple Zone Parents rely on simple, adaptable recipes and dishes. Routines are key. Most of us hit low points inexplicable to those outside our Zone.
And most of us Multiple Zone Parents secretly fantasize about which food allergy they most wish would "Go away!" while our children speak these truths aloud. Maybe we should too.