author of Feeding Eden

They say it’s your birthday / We’re gonna have a good time . . .

Eden turned eight this past week. Three things things I think I did right:

1. I acknowledged that unlike his parents, our son wanted to be one year older.
2. I tweaked the advised ratio: "Invite the number of guests to number of years of child's life " to "Invite less guests than number of years of child's life" (and then spent two hours in a dark movie house where vision clear vision requires use of 3D glasses.)
3. I bothered to bake chocolate and vanilla double-decker, allergen friendly) cake so that the "chocolate kids" and the "vanilla kids" felt equal (or perhaps equally dissed.)
4. I allowed myself to feel brave when the pick up parents commented "You're so brave!" as they attempted to pull their boys out of the bedlam that was my apartment.
5. I noticed (during) that it's a fantastic thing to have good friends like Eden's and an even better thing to have good friends plus a family who loves you.