author of Feeding Eden

Holidays, Firesides and Allergies

In a few weeks we will be visiting with family where predictably the temperatures will be low and a fresh fire will burn cheerily for most of the weekend -- It's one of those gas fireplaces that light with a switch of a flip. But for children who have allergies and asthma, the holidays can bring on all sorts of allergic triggers like . . . wood burning fireplaces. So if your child has asthma and you're concerned, one of my favorite bloggers - The Asthma Mom has a great piece on making that situation more "friendly."

I remember one year when we were visiting the same relatives and our hostess decided to bake a large tray of shallots as side dish for dinner. Now, Eden is only moderately allergic to garlic. But at the time he was very sensitive to it and just playing in the house while those shallots baked was enough to swell his eyes and face into a teary puffball. Who would have guessed? So I gave Eden a little Benadryl, took outside until the swelling subsided and then we warmed ourselves by the gas fire.
Whatever it takes.