author of Feeding Eden

“Thanks” For Food And Even For Allergies

This time of year, we all know there is the food and then there is the gratitude. Since I'm not a recipe blogger, gratitude is going to be my forethought.

Three THANKS as they relate to Food & ALLERGIES :

1. I'm thankful that Eden's head cold preceding Thanksgiving day confirmed my growing conviction that the beast that WAS his viral-induced asthma is tamed. He seems to use less and less asthma medication with every cold now.
2. I'm thankful that my children, who share a squeamishness and caution towards meat, will put any vegetable in their mouths (at least once) - an instinct that will nourish them and make their holiday dinner more interesting.
3. I'm thankful that my brother, and host, has already made this year the most worry-free Thanksgiving yet. He's even making "safe stuffing" for Eden - an exciting first.