author of Feeding Eden

Meanwhile Our Children Wait

A short time ago FAI conducted the . . .

“first comprehensive study in the U.S. to characterize food allergy knowledge, attitudes and beliefs among parents with food-allergic children . . .”

One finding in particular caught my attention: Parents who visited an allergist more than three times a year had higher knowledge scores than those who had consultations with primary care physicians. Hmmm.

My (my son's) experiences illustrate our need for an experienced pediatric allergist, especially when dealing with multiple food allergies. But that option isn't equally viable for all parents. Clearly, a growing pediatric medical issue like food allergies need to be part of pediatric primary care training. The study concludes:

These findings underscore the need for the national, standardized food allergy diagnosis and treatment guidelines that will be released by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) this winter.

And the entire study underscores the fact that FAI is pursuing two crucial goals for the children with food allergies. One goal is to find a cure. But the other is addresses our "meanwhile." In the meanwhile, our children need to be cared for, and treated for a life threatening condition that does not have a cure.