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Hard To Swallow

No parent likes it when their child vomits. Often they get upset, we get upset and it's an emotionally "messy" moment. But I just read this fantastically reassuring piece about. . . ahem . . . vomit, written by Dr. Paul Ehrlich on the Asthma Allergies Children website. Dr. Ehrlich serves the medical advisor for my local NYC support group, PAAC - Parents of Allergic and Asthmatic Children.

Now I was at the meeting where Dr. Ehrlich bluntly shared the virtues of a food-allergic child who vomits. So I'm sharing his reassurances with my readers:

When Vomiting is Good

By Dr. Ehrlich

At a recent food allergy support group meeting, a Mom raised the subject of when to inject epinephrine. She spoke with alarm of watching her child vomit, to which I responded, “I like vomiting” to the uncomfortable amusement of some of those present.

Let me explain:
Seeing a child throw up is upsetting. We all know how it feels, and we don’t like it. Certainly, a prolonged episode can be unhealthy, leading to dehydration and other problems. But vomiting is nature’s first aid. It has undoubtedly saved the lives of innumerable college students on weekends over many years, and it has served food allergic patients as well by “getting rid” of the allergenic food. Apart from the rejection, there’s also the fact that vomiting is accompanied by a jolt of the body’s own epinephrine, aka adrenalin, which is, after all, what an epinephrine injection does. This is the so-called fight-or-flight response.

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