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What’s Really Enhancing, Bulking and Flavoring Our Food?

I wrote about our dining scare and "flavor packets" last last April in . . .
"Mommy What's a Flavor Packet?"
And my readers already know the challenges of food safety for allergic families. So when I read about this remarkable new PEA PROTEIN and its "Broad range of food applications" allergy alarm bells went off in my head. Here's a quote of all the remarkable things this protein can do:
Its Nutralys pea protein ingredients are used in a wide range of food applications: to bind fat and water in meat, fish, processed foods, soups and sauces; for the protein enrichment of baked goods cereals and snacks; and in place of animal proteins in nutraceuticals, and sports and clinical nutrition products.

Eden's blood tests indicate anaphylaxis to green peas. The only real life confirmation we have had of his pea allergy occurred when I didn't realize there were peas in a vegetable soup. Eden was spooning the soup in happily until he got to that one green pea. And then blammo! "Mom my throat is tight! It hurts to swallow. . . "

That meal ended right there with Benadryl. So yeah, I'm not a pea lover, nor am I happy about this wunderkind pea bulker of sorts. If you think about it, real quality food shouldn't need extra help binding or providing nutritional protein.
If you really think about it - even if you don't have food allergies - the idea is hard to swallow.