author of Feeding Eden

(Not) Alone With Allergies

Years ago, when my son was first diagnosed with anaphylactic food allergies, I felt very alone. First in the playgrounds and then in his preschool, I overheard other mothers stressing out about their food issues ... Hydrogenated oils! Too much snacking! And then there was the unending Juice Versus Water Debate. Meanwhile all I wanted was to keep Eden safe (read: alive) and nourished on his restricted diet.

I felt very alone but I wasn't. After more time (and sleep) I gained perspective: While my anxiety was unique to food allergies, all parents experience deep fear for their children at some time or another. Also, I joined a support group and met other parents who shared my experiences.
But it wasn't until I started writing my book, and then blogging about parenting with food allergies, that I gained allergic cyber-perspective. There are so many if us "out there." And somehow the online food allergy community manages to be every bit as supportive at my real world community.
So I want to share some List Love: Over at Nursing Schools Dot Net I've been listed in an article titled 50 Best Food Allergy Blogs. I am in thrilled to be in such good company.