author of Feeding Eden


The rest of our August involves travel. And as I wrestle with my inner "WHAT IF" I have to admit that I'm feeling pinned down. Most allergy parents spend our days with our "WHAT IF" -- What if my child eats the wrong food? What if no one realizes my child has eaten the wrong food? What if there isn't any food for my child to eat? What if we forget my child's medicine? And so on.

Travel takes our "WHAT IF" to a whole other level: What if the nearest hospital isn't near enough? That's my current fear. No matter how much food I put in our cooler; no matter how many Epipens I have with me; no matter that I understand the odds of even going to a hospital are as low as my irrational anxiety is high, that is my fear. It doesn't make much sense.
So I'm going to try to make that "WHAT IF" the one thing left at home (instead of accidentally forgetting the kids' goggles, flip flops or underwear.) And I'll keep readers "posted" on my success.