author of Feeding Eden

My New BFF “What If”

After two sequential road trips I've decided that WHAT IF is my friend. I like her now. And I'm really glad I didn't leave her at home.

Know why? WHAT IF told me it didn't matter that I had way over-packed my coolers with Eden's food. "So what? You never had to worry."
WHAT IF tucked me in the night in the hotel that Eden began coughing a tiny bit before falling asleep. Dust mites? Mold? "The asthma inhalers are within arm's reach," she pointed out.
And WHAT IF encouraged me to strategize with my husband as we were leaving to be guests at an unplanned barbecue. Thanks to her I brought three desserts for Eden: An Enjoy Life Foods chocolate bar, a Nana's brand cookie and an AllergEnergy bar. And then it turned out the rest of the kids were served exactly three desserts too: A mini cup cake, a cookie and meringues.
Now I see that WHAT IF had to reveal her darker side beforehand. She wasn't trying to ruin my vacation with all her precautions. She's actually the cool chick that let us have one.