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CAMP! Some Allergy-Friendly Choices…

First of all, this post wouldn't exist without loyal readers like Jason who writes:

Peanut Free Life
He generously offered his commentary and information and I'm passing it along. Be sure to check out the Food Sensitivity Journal. Our children have unique needs and, as Jason recalled, my son happens to have multiple allergies. So although I'm very pleased with my daughter's camp, last month when the head of camp mentioned to a group of parents, "We can accommodate children with food allergies," my first thought was to ask how many children they have already accommodated.
Our daughter just return from a week at a spend the night camp. We were a nervous wreck due to her peanut and tree nut food allergy. We did not think she would ever be able to go to camp because of her food allergies but we started a dialogue with a camp and they were very accommodating. Your situation is much more difficult than ours due to the number and diversity of your food allergies. I would encourage you to call a few camps and and just ask. You never know.

Here is a list from the Food Sensitivity Journal blog ( that lists some camps that cater to food allergies. Enjoy your week!