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Since When is it “All American” to Make Children Feel Sick?

After reading "Federal Officials Consider Peanut Ban On Planes" I'm having trouble feeling too sympathetic about those Peanut Industry People who feel "picked on" for their "all American" product. Cry me a protein bar. I'm sure they will find other ways to make use of their nuts.

Among my favorite allergy quotes: "A few limited studies on airline passenger with peanut allergies found a number of people reporting symptoms while flying but few were severe or life threatening, said Dr. Scott Sicherer, who studies food allergies at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. "But there's discomfort, " Sicherer said. "It's sort of like you were allergic to dogs and all of sudden they brought 50 dogs onto the plane."
Thank You Good Doctor. On the one occasion peanuts was the "free snack" (a surprise) when we flew with Eden, he was wheezing by landing and on inhalers and antihistamines for the first three days of his vacation.
It belies logic -- the most allergenic of foods in the least ventilated public situation? Anywhere else, please.