author of Feeding Eden


It's been a while since I've posted. My one-word reason: CAMP

There was a three week packing, shopping, labeling frenzy occurring during the hours I was supposed to be (A) working on my book (B) posting (C) breathing, eating, sleeping etc.
Both kids are in CAMP now, my older child is in sleep away camp for the first time and my son is in day camp. Eden young. But will he ever be able to go to a camp away from our home with his food allergies?
Recently FAAN has instituted a day camp program called CAMP TAG. At a recent support group meeting I was told that FAAN hopes to expand that program. A wonderful idea. But being an urban mother, I don't want my son to miss out on day to day camp living in the wholesome, fresh country outdoors. And yet, I find it challenging to cook for him. How could anyone else? No milk, soy, sesame, round legumes or eggs other than hard boiled?
Camp? One more food allergy question mark.