author of Feeding Eden

Is Spring Harvested Honey Becoming The Buzz?

In response to NY Times Op Ed, a reader suggested a promising solution to countering the abundance of tree pollen in Manhattan:

"By taking a spoonful of honey daily, approaching and during the allergy season, you inoculate yourself against the offending pollen and greatly reduce your allergic reaction."
I took the suggestion a few days ago. Both my children have Hay Fever symptoms, though, my daughter has complained more than Eden. It could be that Eden is a "cooler customer" than his sister because he is so used to feeling somewhat stuffy, itchy and sneezy all year long. Either way, their red and watery eyes tell their story.
So I began offering the children a spoonful of what seemed "pretty" local honey (we live in Manhattan and it was from a farm in New Jersey.) It didn't help. It could be that New Jersey is too far, but I suspected that we needed needed honey from the plants that were pollinating now.
So on Saturday I took a train down to the Union Square GREENMARKET. However, the upstate honey vendor was all out of "Spring Harvested" honey. He urged me to Please come back next week...
If the pollen remains as profuse, in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back. Oh, I'll be back!"