author of Feeding Eden


Sometimes I find a reader's comments more interesting than my own writing. Last week I published "My Top Five Fears For My Allergic Child" on the Huffington Post and this how one person responded:
"A friend of mine's child has a severe peanut allergy, if it wasn't for her, I might be one of those callous parents who rolls their eyes and says, "Oh good grief, an allergy won't kill you." But now I know it can. However, having said that, there are too many kids with allergies, for us not to solve this problem. Mark my words, this will go the way of polio. and your fantasy will become real.

Of course the Universe will then send us another awful problem, but that will be another set of mother's problems."

Well, I have to hope not. But if another mother is sent another set of problems, other than food allergies, she would be fortunate to receive such a sage and compassionate response.