author of Feeding Eden

What’s For Dinner?

It's a New Year but my mind is tired. Quietly tired. I scrambled to finish up my book proposal just before the holidays and now it's in the hands of my sharp agent. Overall, the holidays were somber. My family was sad for a close friend who was ill and I was feeling the chill of New York's winter weather.

Rather than writing about some cool allergy research projects that are underway, or the recent explosion of very excellent allergy online resources, well . . . I feel like writing about the next thing in front of me - Dinner.
Tonight we are having a shared pot of spaghetti with olive oil; adding on ketchup for my son, chopped tomatoes in tomato broth and olives for the rest of us; there will be fish and endive for the adults, endive for my son but fruit (probably a Fuji apple) for my daughter, three tiny ground chicken burgers for my son and a spoon of peanut butter for my daughter. It sounds complicated. For me it's really not. I plan this type of Rubik's Cube meal a lot. (SHHHH. Please don't tell my mother.)
Reasoning tonight:
My son would happily just eat the pasta and endive but I insist on a few ounces of meat every week for his health. Due to allergies, his alternative proteins are limited.
My daughter shuns meat as well, but unlike my son can and will eat peanut butter and pumkin seeds and prefers those.
Fuju apples make my son's throat itch.
Daughter doesn't like endive.
My husband and I need those all famous Omega 3's but neither child will even taste sea life.
I have recently given up meat entirely for the second time in my life and the fish is weekly compromise.
All I want (and will get) is all of us at the table together, eating happily with subsets of each other's food on our plates.
Enjoy your next meal ...