author of Feeding Eden

Getting Things Done

I don't think that I have any more to "get done" than the average woman. But as a mother, writer and ad hoc allergy manager, I have so many different kinds of things to get done. And I need all the help I can get.
Recently, in the hopes of addressing my multi-tasking issues, I read Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. It's a terribly helpful book that has taught about methods and tools for organizing my "stuff." I highly recommend it.
But it's important to note that there are people in our allergy sphere that have gotten a lot done for us already. In fact, there are so many excellent sources of information and commentary in our allergic cyber world that you could devote an entire sight to organizing them. And a few sites have done exactly that:
Food Allergy Assistant is great place to start understanding your allergy resource choices. So are Food Allergy Buzz and Best Allergy Sites. And now there is a new kid on the block who merits a shout out: Mallergies
What I love about Mallergies is . . . it is visually clean and easy on the eyes, it has a thorough approach, it is international in its scope and it has a "Site Francais En Construction." (Welcome Mallergies!)
If you have allergies in your life, these places will help you get your tasks and "stuff" done with more ease.