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Channeling Betty Draper: Will She Smile before Next Season’s Final Episode of MadMen?

If you've seen the show MadMen then you're already familiar with Betty Draper's off putting yet alluring character. In the majority of her scenes she's located in a plaid-coordinated suburban kitchen staring blankly at her children while discontentedly huffing a cigarette. As her children eat (or dare speak) she sips from her bottomless wine glass through perpetually lipsticked stained lips.

Only when one of her blue-eyed children draws Betty's attention with an innocent query, "When is Daddy coming home?" (FYI Daddy is never home because daddy is always up to no good with some other coiffed babe) will Betty wake up. Then she responds with one of her classic era-driven parenting standards such as "Go watch T.V.!" Or if there is daylight she might innovate: "Go outside and play!"
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