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Can Homoepathy Prevent H1N1 Swine Flu?

I have an intensely serious Homeopath. Actually, he is an Osteopath who practices Homeopathy. If you have never consulted with this type of medical figure you might assume a warm, easy breezy West Coast type; a sandal clad figure who smiles widely and speaks gently between sips of a mug of herbal tea kept stashed behind the positive osmosis crystal rock prominent on the office shelf office. You might think it's all herbs and potions and all about avoiding conventional medicine.

Nope. My guy uses a stethoscope (to listen for wheezing and such) along with his healing hands and gives strep tests on the spot if appropriate. Saves his smiles for my kids. His knowledge of allopathic and conventional medicine is vast. I think he's fiercely intelligent (with an emphasis on both of those adjectives.) I think he has helped my family a lot. His son also had severe allergies and asthma.

Homeopathy is a complicated and misunderstood science. My Osteopath is so serious about his practice that doesn't want to be identified in this blog and is concerned about anything that can be misinterpreted a cyber advice. Fair enough. This post touches on my particular situation using homeopathy to prevent H1N1 (just as I use homeopathy to adjunct my family's conventional medical treatments.)

Now. Since I can't get an safe H1N1 vaccination for my egg allergic, asthmatic son Eden, I'm giving him a course of a particular homeopathic remedy in a sequence of once every three weeks, three times total. It's all I can do besides ensuring good hygiene, nutrition and rest for both my children this winter. A few pellets under the tongue, bing, bang, boom.
Note: I'm not naming the remedy out of respect.
Note: There is a point to this post. Sort of. It is ... (drum roll) ... Assuming Eden never ever gets a flu that tests positive for Swine Flu, I won't know if his resistance is due the well-chosen homeopathic treatment or random luck.
Which is one reason it must be so very aggravating practicing alternative medicine in the U.S. at this time. And why, when my children grow up big and strong, I will remind them to believe in things - even things that they cannot prove to anyone but themselves.