author of Feeding Eden

Redux! Mother of Ambiguously Egg Allergic Asthmatic Child Can’t Get the H1N1 Vaccine!?

After days of phone calls it's all been for naught. Seems that "safer" serum my allergist recommended for Eden isn't available through any of my channels in the NYC area. She recommended Novartis A. Disturbingly, Mt. Sinai has nada, bubkes, in terms of H1N1 despite all the allergic and asthmatic children that are treated there. My pediatrician doesn't have Novartis A, though she has the other options Neither do any of the pediatricians or the internists that she and I called.

So, maybe it a sign. Maybe Eden wouldn't have tolerated any of the H1N1 vaccination choices safely. We'll have to stick to hand washing for now. Again, I'm not recommending anything to anyone for their child ....