author of Feeding Eden


I don't usually write about food as in just  food since there are already many "allergy bloggers" recording recipes etc.

But I want to come out to the kitchen and confess that I've become hooked on some my son's "substitute" foods. In fact there certain specialty items he doesn't like one bit that I buy just for me, myself and I. 
Which ones?  Here's a current list:
1. Turtle Mountain Coconut Milk Ice Cream - rich and creamy but Eden got so used to sorbet that he doesn't seem to get the silken texture.
2. Sunbutter - the flavor is nicely nutty but less pervasive than peanut butter (which I wasn't ever crazy about anyway.) Maybe Eden's instincts tell him the taste is too close for comfort? 
3. A L'Olvilier Spread-able Olive Oil in every flavor - bought it years ago to have more transportable olive oil to spread on Eden's bread or bagels. But he prefers the normal oil. I have been known to spoon this stuff straight into my mouth or spread it an inch thick on just about anything, like the basil flavor on half a grapefruit.
So whether or not you have allergies or "some of your best friends do" I recommend you try these lovely items before the summer ends...