author of Feeding Eden

Musings on a Milk Desensitization Study at Boston Children’s Hospital

I received the first in a series of video clips about a milk desensitization study taking place at Boston Children's Hospital and I'm sharing it below. Such studies are crucial and clearly the allergy community is growing stronger. But after meeting my son's allergies head on over five years ago, I have to remind myself to be patient as the rest of the world "catches up" to the average knowledge base of allergy parents and patients -- So many of us have been educating ourselves by reading, researching, writing, advocating, fundraising and speaking out on food allergies -- I must admit I sighed when I viewed the video and heard the basic allergy protocol repeated yet again.

It was a loaded sigh: A sigh of gratitude that we have come out of the "dark ages" of food allergies. A sigh of hope that this study will help others. A sigh of impatience that success cannot come fast enough for our children.