author of Feeding Eden

Welcome To My Country

Remember "telephone"  the game where someone whispered warm, cheeze doodle scented words into ear while you squirmed and shouted "Huh!?" Apparently it is timeless. My daughter plays it in her fourth grade class when they have an extra few minutes at the end of the day. One night during math homework, she reported the following sequence:

World Domination to...Origami Nation to...My Aunt's Constipation
"Origami Nation" stuck with me. I could picture the folder paper birds overhead conical houses, a land of flutters and color.
That same snowy day, we had a "minor allergy incident" as I have been giving Eden (under doctor supervision) small and incremental amounts of baked egg.  This would have been my telephone sequence:
My Shoes Lack Traction to...I Can Help With Fractions to...Eden Had A Meringue Reaction
It was minor. Just a wee bit too much baked egg white in one sitting. No medication required. But still, sometimes I feel like I live in a House Of Cards.